With a blood moon shining on me
I find a crab following me, not the usual
clingy type but one that was luring me in
Our forms swaying sidewise to the rhythm of the wind
So far away from its habitat or was I the one in disguise
Brought sands and rocks in its colors
The depth of the sea was under its cover
The eyes told the stories of his kingdom
Life of stillness, language of the water and seldom fulfillment

Traces of the old vibrations within my reach
But I find confinement in the new phrases from his shores
Reminiscing all of my old forms, different elements I’ve lifelongly worn

A moment of darkness overshadows us as the lunar eclipse walks in with its wonderment
A reminder that it’s time to let go as the new energies take hold
Baring witness to the smoke reaching my surface
For the impurities were of a different frequency, yet vacuumed through it peacefully

My vision of the planets return, it is now smaller in my embrace
But my perspective of them have altered
They retain the colors of the friendly crab
Blueness of earth was a hint of its shell
Butterscotch like his legs, reflected in the strength of Mars
His confidence oppose my hardships from Pluto
Not a result of voodoo but solace in newly discovered portals

Copyright © 2015 Zeinab Ftes


INSPIRIRE # 2 copy


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