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Fireworks: the Cancer Black Moon of July 4, 2016 by Dan Furst

Why does this flight take us from London to Istanbul? And why is this Black Moon chart cast for London at 12:00 pm on July 4? Because, intriguingly enough, the Black Moon in July in London falls exactly at the stroke of 12:00 noon, the peak of the day as a moment of solar illumination, when valuable insight may come not just for individual people, but for whole communities and societies. And because London is still reeling from the consequences of the Brexit vote on June 23, and yet another mass murder has just been perpetrated in Istanbul at a moment of terrific economic and political tension. Read more…


The Grand Crosses of June, 2016 by Dan Furst

“Why are conditions so bumpy all the way through June and July? Because two slow-moving planets, Saturn (with a 29 1/2 year orbit) and Neptune (165 years) are at the “stressful,” “difficult,” “afflictive” 90° angle astrologers call a “square.” We can also think of squares as angles of leverage, when planets apply their weight to habits and beliefs that don’t want to change, in order to help bring about changes that can no longer be ducked, denied or delayed. For June, but then fading in July, Jupiter (12 year orbit) joins and tightens the tension with Saturn and Neptune, forming a still more urgent and powerful T-cross of three points occupied by planets and/or other major chart points.” Read more…

Turbulent Planets in May and June 2016-by Dan Furst

Full Moon: May 22, 2016

Full Moon: May 22, 2016

Hello, and welcome. This is Captain Aquarius, welcoming you to flight 521, and alerting you to keep your seatbelt fastened as we navigate some turbulent planets. Please don’t walk about in the aisle unless you’re acting in service, or joining other passengers in singing to the Moon, or looking for champagne. Read more…

Which Way Do They Swim? The Climax of Pisces Month, 2016 by Dan Furst

Captain AquariusHello, this is your Captain Speaking. Please take a look, if you like, at the view screens at the top of your cabin. We’re about to play The Pisces Gallery 2016, a parade of images that tell us how each period in our history looks at the Fishes, and all the zodiac signs, in a way that reflects its rules, and beliefs, its core values and its view of human beings and our planet, and our possibilities.

The show could not begin at a better time: on March 15, the Ides of March in the ancient Roman calendar and the moment when the Sun is in the later degrees of Pisces, about to move into Aries at the Equinox  continue reading

Words of Love-The Art of Eloquence

This is a piece I wrote back in 2012 about ‘Compassionate Communication’. I think it is very relevant now, so I will re-post.

leslie zehr

Nutt Awakening EarthFrom my journal:

The voice I heard this morning said “speak only words of love”. The Divine Feminine transforms through words of love and encouragement, not criticism. Criticism is defining and separating. Love is unifying and empowering.

I always begin my day slowly. This is what I call Sacred Living, honoring yourself and your own rhythm. For me reentry is difficult. I am not a morning person for many reasons but one is that I get a lot from being in the ‘other world’. Sleep is important to me. I heal, I dream and I receive a lot of illumination. This is because when we sleep we ‘create space’. This is a concept I talk about a lot and it is very different from ‘holding space’. Creating space is allowing things to open up, releasing the conscious mind long enough that things from the unconscious have the opportunity to emerge…

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Adding the Dimension of Earth to Astrology

leslie zehr

Whether you are a spiritual seeker, businessperson or just want to see where you might flourish Astrocartography is an amazing tool. It allows us to understand how we as individuals respond to different environments on the globe.

Generally in astrology we are looking outside of ourselves, off the earthly plane. We use our place of birth only to cast the original chart and then we look to the heavens. With Astrocartography we put the dimension of Earth back into the mix. Showing us how Earth, our home base, is relevant to our life path.

Dan Furst is an excellent writer. The book is thorough and easy to understand. There are many pictures to illustrate the concepts being explained. The first part of the book is useful not only for people wanting to understand more about Astrocartography but for anyone wanting to understand astrology and the planets better.

The second half…

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The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites

leslie zehr

New Release from Leslie Zehr!

The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites

Flowers hold the hidden power of spiritual illumination. Master your own flower alchemy practices in this helpful guide from a trained holistic therapist, and harness the magic of ancient Egypt.

The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred SitesEgypt is known as a land of transformation and spiritual awakening. Not only is it a mystical power point, but also Egypt’s climate is ideal for the creation of flower remedies, made potent by the desert sun. Flowers are more than just beautiful to behold; they are symbols of the divine unfolding into manifestation and work only for the highest good.
Sacred arts teacher Leslie Zehr developed the Al-chemia Remedies in Egypt. In her book, she gives a brief introduction to the wisdom of flowers. By capturing flower energy in the matrix of water, we can use it for our own evolution to activate…

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