Words of Love-The Art of Eloquence

This is a piece I wrote back in 2012 about ‘Compassionate Communication’. I think it is very relevant now, so I will re-post.

leslie zehr

Nutt Awakening EarthFrom my journal:

The voice I heard this morning said “speak only words of love”. The Divine Feminine transforms through words of love and encouragement, not criticism. Criticism is defining and separating. Love is unifying and empowering.

I always begin my day slowly. This is what I call Sacred Living, honoring yourself and your own rhythm. For me reentry is difficult. I am not a morning person for many reasons but one is that I get a lot from being in the ‘other world’. Sleep is important to me. I heal, I dream and I receive a lot of illumination. This is because when we sleep we ‘create space’. This is a concept I talk about a lot and it is very different from ‘holding space’. Creating space is allowing things to open up, releasing the conscious mind long enough that things from the unconscious have the opportunity to emerge…

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