Adding the Dimension of Earth to Astrology

leslie zehr

Whether you are a spiritual seeker, businessperson or just want to see where you might flourish Astrocartography is an amazing tool. It allows us to understand how we as individuals respond to different environments on the globe.

Generally in astrology we are looking outside of ourselves, off the earthly plane. We use our place of birth only to cast the original chart and then we look to the heavens. With Astrocartography we put the dimension of Earth back into the mix. Showing us how Earth, our home base, is relevant to our life path.

Dan Furst is an excellent writer. The book is thorough and easy to understand. There are many pictures to illustrate the concepts being explained. The first part of the book is useful not only for people wanting to understand more about Astrocartography but for anyone wanting to understand astrology and the planets better.

The second half…

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