Tears of Fear by Zeina Morad


Tears of fear,
I have so much pain.
They trickle down, I simply cannot retain.

In between the shakes and sighs,
These emotions burst out my eyes.

Through the blur, I am gaining awareness to this painful process.
To its roots, I courageously begin to address.

I am conscious of the change occurring,
after uncovering layers and years of burying.

Literally ending a cycle, entering a new
Throughout the years I obviously grew

But I never felt these painful burning sensations before
Of emotions stuck in my back and legs so sore

Constant yet changing and shifting
I focused, and the veils began lifting

My childhood is ending, I’m beginning to realize
Morphing into a phase, I am learning to familiarize

Taking up responsibilities for years, I could ignore
The consequences of life, I cannot escape no more

I am at the gates of adulthood which I thought the worst
Though I must confess the ones of motherhood I fear the most

I am ready to take my first steps into the unknown
I’ll grow some strong roots from seeds that have been sown

I am forever humbled by the generosity of my parents and ancestors
I am thankful for true friendship
And mentors

May I be constantly content with what I receive at any given date
And may I be granted the patience and wisdom to comprehend my state

Copyright © 2015 Zeina Morad


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