7 Benefits of Daily Self Massage (and an essential oil blend to do it)


perfume-1If you have anxiety, there is no panacea for you. Everyone’s anxiety is their own, your own personal chatty Cathy sitting on top of you in a plane that’s going down.

But I feel compelled to share one of my tips for anxiety self-care: Self-massage.  It’s such a small but important addition to a self-care routine,  and one with enormous benefits for the body and soul.

I’ve been doing self massage for a few years now after reading Horst Rechelbacher‘s seminal Ayurvedic beauty book Aveda Rituals. Now, I can’t stop talking about it.

The benefits of self-massage are many:

7 Benefits of Self-Massage

1. Massage is said to reduce toxins in the skin
2. Lustrous skin from all of the oils
3. Deep relaxation from the massage; increased circulation to nerve endings
5. Deeper nighttime sleep (really)
6. Almost immediate relaxation response
7. Boosted immune system response


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