Ramadan Tips!

Reform Pilates Studios

In Ramadan, we have the very clear choice to either benefit our health immensely, or to damage it. Many of us end up eating the wrong foods and too much of the wrong foods, resulting in us gaining a lot of weight. Ramadan is a great opportunity for us to focus on detoxing and healing our bodies- with the right foods and gentle exercise (check out our Ramadan offer and schedule!). We don’t want to be that person collapsed on the floor from a belly full of food! 😉

ramadan-overating girl

The food we eat at Suhoor should energise us for the day: think wholegrains, plenty of raw fruits and veggies, lean protein and lots of water. Good foods include: wholegrain toast, porridge, wholegrain cereals such as bran flakes, eggs, nuts, dates, milk, yoghurt, fruits (especially bananas, dates, watermelon, oranges, apples and grapes- which contain electrolytes and lots of water), healthier…

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