10 Things Emotionally Healthy People Know How To Do 

Thought Catalog

mistrmilk mistrmilk

Of all the health concerns our culture claims to be concerned about, it is perhaps our emotional health that is most severely neglected. (It’s not the same thing as mental health.)

We’re comfortable talking about our recurring headaches, as we don’t feel their presence makes a statement about us. They’re disassociated from who we believe ourselves to be. But we know our emotions are result of who and how we are, and in a desperate plight to preserve the sanctity of our self-idea, we hide. Ironically, that’s where the trouble comes in: it’s the parts of us we suppress and ignore are the parts that become silent, insidious, controlling monsters. (It’s referred to in psychology as “shadow selves.”)

Talking about how one gets from there to here, at the place of emotional health, is another topic altogether (and would require books worth of writing to fully flesh out) so…

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