Global Water Dances-Art as a Medium for Social Change

leslie zehr

We hear that phrase over and over again ‘art is a medium for social change’. What does that mean? Why is ART a medium for social change? Because art makes us feel, it makes us experience. It is a right-brain activity so it moves us more deeply than words and logic, which are processed by the left-brain. If you want to move someone to action you must make them ‘feel’. Thinking just produces more thinking. Change is action that comes from e-motion.

In order for there to be real change we need a vision, and artists are visionaries. They can see that which does not already exist. And if the new vision cannot be put into words it can be put into form though other mediums, music, color… hence it becomes the medium, the matrix for change. Through art we can experience or glimpse the change before we step into…

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