Pilates and Nutrition.

Reform Pilates Studios


Whether you are doing Pilates to look good, or to be healthy, what you eat plays a vital role in both your results and your health. The food you eat is what feeds your muscles and every other part of your body. If your diet is full of unhealthy foods your body won’t be able to perform at it’s best ability, whereas if you have a healthy diet you will feel amazing as your body is functioning at it’s best.

When we talk about diet, I’m not talking about those fad diets. In fact, in some cases diets can cause you to put on more weight after it is finished. We should adopt daily healthy eating habits which will stay with us forever. This will keep the weight off and keep us healthy.

What are the most basic healthy eating habits?

  • Drink up!
    Water is vital for our body to…

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