Power Struggle by Zeinab Ftes

"MOTHER" by visionary artist Deb Graves/Araznu

“MOTHER” by visionary artist Deb Graves/Araznu

One came to teach a lesson

Familiar to the self

Provoking all the undesired

The ridges made by her

Leading out of advantage

No longer served her right

Femininity disguised by phenotype

Yet, the years of patriarchy

Narrowed it down to archetypes

Trying to rebel and control

Guilted by the Pisceans for so long

Thinking it was all right

Another came to teach a lesson

Reconnecting with the self

Through the power struggle of a disease

Affecting us all in sight

The veil is coming off,

As Aquarius comes to play

All fair in love and war

But that “balance” is not coming from us

Individuality had lost its role

Pawns un-sexualized nor characterized

Born the perversions, confusions and orientations

Self-punishment at its finest confrontation

Lastly, she found it within, to understand the lesson

The shift from right to left

Understated and so it’s seems

The power of the true self

Not Jungians comprehension but a simple stated fact

To hold the space for one and all

Creating the balance we have for centuries, misplaced.

I have noticed that most of the women I know are suffering from some sort of pain in their left side. Be it leg, arm, knee or hip with different ailments associated. Or you might find their right side overloaded with negativity and heaviness. That’s when we need to pause and wonder. Why so many women are having problems connecting with their nature?

We have drifted so far from our inner self that we no longer recognize who we are. Believing that we are guided by the moral compass of Ishtar, Isis and other goddesses and that we have them on our side to further nurture our energy. But has society been so altered in the Pisceans age that even our perspective on the goddesses has changed?

The attack of the feminists is no longer a simple self-punishing disillusionment but a growing movement that has affected each and every one of us. Are we equal to men or do we complement each other? Where did the shift of perspective come from and whom is it serving?

The values and rules that the patriarchy has inflicted on us made us feel inferior to men thus we needed to fight our nature to be their equal and more. Yet, as the vibrations of our lovely planet are escalating and the collective consciousness is being raised with it, we are reminded that happiness is not an exterior situation that we are striving to create but it’s the wholeness that we possess within us, that life itself flows through us and we radiate it.

In ancient Egypt, women had more status and power than we do today. Not by competing with men but by knowing that we all have different roles to develop. Women were symbolized with life and fertility, the mother creator and most importantly eternal life.

They celebrated their ability to hold the space for new life, life that lives off the divine feminine energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally. We have been programmed to underestimate the power of our womb and its beautiful energy. To feel embarrassed when we get our menses and to feel weak when we show vulnerability and affection. Why? Because somehow we think that it makes us inferior to men.

It’s time we shift our perspective and rejoice within our divinity; understand the power of birth and renewal, to recognize the symbolism of it and how we can apply it to everything. A women’s role is to guide, not to lead, that shift being made within us, will echo throughout, encouraging men to connect with their nature to be the divine masculine that complements us.

Copyright © 2015 Zeinab Ftes


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